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Step 5 - Partner Notification

Partner Notification

If you have an STI, it is recommended to find a way to inform your current partner and any past partners who could be at risk of infection. You don’t have to do this yourself and you can discuss this with the doctor or nurse at the clinic.

You should make sure they get to know because:
- they may need to get treatment 
- they could pass the infection back to you even after you’ve been treated successfully
- they could pass the infection onto others
- openness and honesty in a relationship is usually best 

How do you inform your partner?

Telling a partner in person can be difficult. They may be shocked, upset or angry – or even feel guilty if they think they’ve given it to you.

It doesn’t necessarily mean anyone has been unfaithful.

If you’re worried that your partner will think you’ve been unfaithful, bear in mind that many STIs can go undetected for years. A positive result doesn’t mean anybody has been unfaithful – you or them. 


If you’re worried about informing any partner who might be infected, tell your doctor or nurse at the clinic. 

Give them the names of the people you’ve had sex with and they will send an anonymous card or text, or phone the person recommending that they come in for a test. Your name won’t be mentioned and even if they go to the same clinic as you, no-one will give them any information about you.


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