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Step 2 - Types of questions asked

The doctor or nurse will ask you some questions about your sexual activity, experiences, and symptoms. Answer as honestly as you can so they can work out which tests to do and what treatment to offer. Here are some examples of what you might be asked:

- Can you tell me why you have come to see us today? 

- Can you describe your last sexual experience? For example, the type of sex (oral, vaginal, anal) and if contraception was used.

- Do you have one or more than one partner and are they the same gender or different gender?

Staff are very experienced and provide professional and non-judgemental care. There maybe questions about things that might not be relevant to you, such as types of sex, drug use or whether you were paid/have paid for sex. Everybody is asked these questions to make sure that they have the opportunity to talk about them if they do apply to them.