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Step 1 - Arriving

Before you arrive...

Some clinics need you to phone in advance to make an appointment. Please visit your local sexual health clinic’s website to check whether you can drop-in or need an appointment.

You can ask your partner or a friend to come along with you, or go by yourself – whatever you’re most comfortable with.

Try not to pass urine for at least two hours before going to the clinic as you might need to give a urine sample. 

When you arrive

  1. Go to reception.
  2. The receptionist may ask you to fill in a form with your name and contact details.
    - The form may also ask you why you are attending – this allows the clinic to make sure that you see the right person at the right time.
    - You can choose to stay anonymous if you want.
    - You don't have to let the clinic know who your GP is but it can be helpful if you do, so that your GP has a complete record of your health care. If you do tell them who your GP is, the clinic will not automatically share information with them relating to your care – the clinic would always check with you first.
    - They won’t tell your parents, even if you’re under 16.
    - There may be times when confidentiality cannot be kept if they think you are at risk of harm. They will discuss this with you.
  3. You may be able to see either a female or a male doctor. You can ask if this is possible at the time of making your appointment.