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Trying something new

Relationships work better when you talk about sex, and you need to keep talking if you want the intimacy and connection to remain. Can't find the words to talk to your partner about introducing something new? Here are some 'conversation starters'. They might just keep your sex life stimulating and satisfying.

Longer-term relationships

Sometimes it can feel difficult to start talking about new things if you've been in a relationship for a while. You might worry your partner will think 'where did that come from?' or 'why is what I'm doing not enough any more?' But the fact is it's normal for feelings to change. And that's why for your sex life to stay healthy you need to make time to keep talking. Why not set aside a date night to talk about moving things along? Is there a famous film where the characters try what you'd like to try? Could you watch it and start the conversation afterwards?

If you don't want the same things

People change and grow, and so do relationships. Maybe you're just discovering some things about this person you didn't realise before?

Even if you don't share the same ideas, there is still a lot of pleasure to be gained from knowing that you're helping the other person have a great experience.

Good sex is often about finding compromises that suit you both, and the more you explore each other's bodies and feelings, the easier it will be for you.

Having said all that, there's never a good reason to do things you're not happy about or that risk anyone's sexual health or wellbeing.

You should never pressure, or feel pressured to do something one of you is unhappy with.

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