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Sexting and online sex

'Sexting', 'phone sex' or 'online sex' are when you use phone calls, text messages, internet chat rooms, email, instant messaging or online video chat (such as Skype or Facetime) to exchange sex chat with another person or send explicit pictures or video. It could be your usual partner or someone new.

There are risks, your images could end up in the wrong hands, or be seen by more than the person you originally sent the message to, so if this is something you're going to try, make sure you know how to reduce those risks. A good rule of thumb is to never send anything you wouldn't want to make public.

And remember, if you're caught with nude pictures of anyone under 18, you could be prosecuted and end up on the sex offenders' register. 

If you'd like to talk to your partner about sexting or online sex, or they talk to you about it, treat it as you would any subject. Be open and honest with each other. If it's not for you, say so. Everyone is allowed to have no-nos or boundaries they don't want to cross. If you're not sure, ask for some time to think about it or make time to talk about it some more. If you both don't feel the same way, talking will at least help you understand your differences.

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