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Pregnancy... the what ifs?

If you're a healthy man and woman having sex, there's always a chance of pregnancy.  Talking about whether or not you'd want to have the child if there is a pregnancy will help you both cope better, if it does happen. 

Planned pregnancies offer many advantages, from making sure you're living somewhere suitable, to saving up enough extra cash to cover the essentials.

Find out more in our section "Why plan pregnancy?"  

Talk about protection

If getting pregnant is the last thing on your mind, make sure you start a conversation about contraception. There are other reasons too. Some people can't have children because it would be dangerous to their health or because they have fertility problems. Having proper discussions with your partner about these things is an important part of getting to know each other properly. 

Babies change everything

Don't assume that just because you've both been keen on using contraception from the start that you'll automatically choose abortion as the option if there's a pregnancy. Being pregnant can change how you feel, even if you never thought you wanted children before, when there's a real possibility of a child many people’s feelings change. That's why it's good to talk and keep talking about the future, so your feelings are clear. 

Similarly, there are lots of reasons why someone might be reluctant to use protection; it doesn't necessarily mean they want children. Talking is the only way to check in with your partner and understand where they're coming from. 

And remember, circumstances and feelings do change so talk regularly about how you're feeling about the prospects of getting pregnant

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