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When you're talking to your partner about sex, you might find there are things you'd like to do or try that they wouldn't or vice versa. If your partner considers certain activities 'off-limits', you have to respect their decision to say "no".

If you do both decide to experiment, remember you always have the right to change your mind and stop anything you don't want to do at any point.

If you're trying something new that you're not sure about, it can be helpful to agree a 'safe word' you can say when you'd like things to stop. 

In the heat of the moment

It’s easy to get carried away. If you find that someone is trying something, or doing something you don’t want them to say "no" or "stop please".

Sex should NEVER be about one person getting something against the will of another.

Nobody should have to put up with that kind of behaviour – if someone forces you to do something without your consent the laws on sex says this is rape.

Serious turn-offs

Remember, everyone is different, but some things are an outright no-no. 

Getting thrills from sexual violence, threats or intimidation is neither healthy nor normal and is against the law.

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