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Talk about it

Talking about how things are going between you, how you feel about each other and the challenges you're facing will help strengthen your relationship. It will also help you avoid arguments and disputes.

In the end, lasting relationships rely on good communication

Talking together about the important stuff will help you understand each other better as your needs and desires change over time. Sharing any problems and worries also helps cut them down to size.

If you can't be together physically, get texting, hit the chat room, write down how you're feeling in an email or letter or have a long blether on the phone. 

Just remember things don’t always come across the same in a text message or email and this might not be the best way to bring up relationship problems and sharing explicit pictures could end up in the wrong hands. Find out more in our section about sexting and online sex. 

To find out about some of the things we all need to talk about with our partners when it comes to sex, visit our section on talking.

If things remain rocky then you might need someone to help you talk things through and you might benifit from relationship counselling. Contact Relationship Scotland for more information.