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It's tempting to think couples don't need to consider their sexual health, but this isn't the case.

Sex may well be an important part of your life together so protecting your sexual health and talking things through properly is crucial.

Talking about it

Good communication is the key to long, happy relationships. Feelings and circumstances change over time and you need to be able to talk about them.

This can range from talking about fun stuff like what turns you on to more serious matters like when you can stop using protection.

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When can I stop using condoms?

You should only stop condoms, when you're both sure that you are free of any sexually transmitted infections.

Just because you've been together for ages and both seem well or that you've had a few 'accidents' without getting ill doesn't mean it's okay to stop using protection.

Some sexual infections are harder to catch than others and many can go undetected for long periods, not all STIs have symptoms. The only way to be completely sure is for both of you to get tested.

If you suspect the other person may be having an affair or may not have been honest with you about their sexual health status, it's best to keep on using protection and to practise safer sex.

It's up to you whether you stay faithful or not, but if you don't, make sure all your sex is safer sex.

Remember, if you are not using condoms you need to consider other forms of contraception if you don’t want to get pregnant.

Getting pregnant

Depending on where you are with your relationship, pregnancy can be a dream come true or can come as quite a shock. This is why it’s important to plan pregnancy.

Either way, things will be much easier if you've taken the time beforehand to talk about having children.

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Do I need a test?

A simple test can put your mind at rest.

Do I need a test?


Guidance on accessing contraception during coronavirus pandemic.