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Tips for better, safer sex

The main rule is that, unless you're both 100% sure you're free of STIs, use a condom or practice safer sex alternatives.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Baby won't mind – it has no clue what's happening. They are well protected in the womb
  • What you like and don’t like may change as your hormones change during pregnancy. 
  • Talk about what turns you on and off – this can be a new learning experience for you both. 

Later in pregnancy:

  • Be prepared to try different positions to get comfy.
  • Haemorrhoids are common so avoid anal sex.
  • Sex can help start labour if baby's overdue.

Pregnant women might experience contractions during and after sex but these won't be strong enough to start labour if you're not ready to give birth. 

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Do I need a test?

A simple test can put your mind at rest.

Do I need a test?


Guidance on accessing contraception during coronavirus pandemic.