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Sex during pregnancy

Can I enjoy sex during pregnancy? Yes if you want to. Some women find that pregnancy increases their sex drive for a time and both men and women often find pregnancy quite sexy.

However, if you have a history of miscarriage or early labour, speak to your midwife or doctor about when it might be safest to avoid sex.

Are there any benefits to having sex during pregnancy?

It can be a good idea for partners to enjoy each other sexually before baby arrives. Loving sex can help keep your relationship strong. And after childbirth, having penetrative sex will not be possible for a while. Most new parents find the energy and time for sex is in short supply. 

If baby is ready to be born, having sex can help get labour started. Substances in semen called prostaglandins help soften the woman's cervix and hormones released by nipple stimulation encourage the womb to contract.