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Becoming a parent

Whether your pregnancy is planned or not you might now be delighted to be pregnant – so congratulations! Even if you’re not so delighted, you might still decide that you want to keep the baby and become a parent.

If you decide to continue with the pregnancy here's what you should do next:

Where can I support?

A midwife ensures that you get the best possible care that's right for you.

After finding out that you are pregnant you should make an appointment with a midwife as soon as possible after finding out that you are pregnant. Getting in early means your midwife can help plan the best care for you and your baby. You can find details on accessing a midwife by clicking here

Contacting a midwife early in your pregnancy also lets you benefit from the full range of pregnancy screening options available to you. And you will get all the expert help you need, including information and advice about your pregnancy screening options.

Screening tests are offered to all pregnant women. They are intended to show whether there is a chance your baby may have a medical condition. Don't worry, your midwife will explain all tests offered to you.

How do I find a midwife?

Finding a midwife to help you through your pregnancy is easy. If you know you are pregnant, phone or visit your GP practice and ask for an appointment with your midwife.

When shall I tell people I'm pregnant?

It's worth remembering that pregnancies sometimes fail naturally, especially during the first few months. You might want to hold off telling your friends until you've had your first scan around 12 weeks. But when you decide to tell is up to you. 

Whether planned or not, it’s a good idea to tell your partner sooner rather than later as they could get upset if they find out you have been hiding it from them. It’s good to talk about your options together.

Where can I find out more about pregnancy?

Follow this link to find out about things you should know about pregnancy and the early days with your baby.

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Do I need a test?

A simple test can put your mind at rest.

Do I need a test?


Guidance on accessing contraception during coronavirus pandemic.