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Coronavirus Update

If you need contraception during this time, your first port of call should be the place where you normally get contraceptive supplies – your GP surgery or sexual health clinic.  You probably won’t be able to have a face to face consultation at the moment in order to keep you safe but you will still be able to get contraception.

Contraception is free and supplies are available.

Phone or have a look at your GP / Sexual Health Clinic’s website – you may be able to book a phone consultation online at a sexual health clinic. (Contact details are listed at the end of this document)

Don’t go in person to your GP or sexual health clinic. Give them a call.

If you need more supplies of contraceptive pills

Phone or check the website of your GP/sexual health clinic.  If you have had these pills before, it is likely that a prescription can be sent to a pharmacy for you to collect. Sexual health clinics may post out pills or leave them at their reception desks for collection.

If you need condoms

These are available from pharmacies or sexual health clinics and some GPs. You can also order them online e.g. in Lothian you can use .  Call your local sexual health clinic or see their website for information on local arrangements for posting

If you need emergency contraception

Pharmacies, GPs and sexual health clinics all provide the emergency contraceptive pill for free. If you want an intrauterine device (also known as ‘the coil’) for emergency contraception, please phone your local sexual health clinic to discuss.

If you need Depo Provera or Sayana Press

If it is more than 14 weeks since your last injection, contact your normal provider to discuss.  It may be that face to face consultation for injection is not possible and you have to use condoms or a progestogen only pill until normal services resume. If you are already using Sayana Press to self-inject, a prescription or postal supplies can be arranged if you phone the service you usually attend.

If you need a new coil or implant or the previous one removed

Since this needs a face to face consultation, it is not possible to routinely offer this at the moment because of the risk of COVID 19. However, some forms of contraception are felt to be effective for longer than was previously recommended. It may be that your current coil is fine – check with the staff at your GP surgery or sexual health clinic. If you do need, or would like, additional contraception for the short term, they can help and advise you. 

If you are having problems with your current contraception

Although your GP/sexual health clinic may not be able to see you immediately face to face, they can still help you with advice so please call.

If you are thinking about a pregnancy at the moment

It is always important to be as healthy as possible before getting pregnant. There is general advice at

Becoming pregnant during this pandemic is a matter of choice. The Royal College of Obstetricians has specific guidance about pregnancy during the COVID pandemic

If you would like to speak to someone – please phone your GP or local sexual health clinic who will be happy to chat to you.


Websites for sexual health clinics (Greater Glasgow) (Forth Valley) (Tayside)  (Fife) (Lothian) (Dumfries and Galloway) (Ayrshire and Arran) (Borders) (Highland) (Orkney)

Grampian – please phone 0345 3379900

Lanarkshire – 0300 303 0251 or


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Guidance on accessing contraception during coronavirus pandemic.