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Thousands of women across Scotland are already using methods of longer-lasting contraception. On this page, read what some of them say about their experiences and how longer-lasting contraception works for them.

“The implant for me was quick, pain-free to be put in taken out with very few side effects and was very effective at preventing pregnancy. As I can be very forgetful, the worry was about a forgotten pill - the implant solved this. My friends and I all agree this is the way forward. My implant moved a little in my arm but this was not an issue.”


“The implant worked great for me and I had no bad experiences using it.”


“This implant is by far the best method of contraception that I have tried. It is inserted and removed easily and painlessly, and I have experienced no side effects. I have now been using Implanon for over 5 years with no problems at all.”


“Safe and easy.”


“I have used the Mirena for the past five years. I have found it fantastic. I've just had it replaced and will use it as long as I can. Not only does it mean no contraception worries, but it has meant an end to painful periods.”


“I have had no problems with the coil. I found it very easy to manage and found it easier than remembering pills.”


“Reliable and hassle-free…protects your long term future in a safe, easy way…trusted, reliable, lasting, easy, safe… My personal experience with the implant was fine. Overall it was a very good method of contraception.”


“You wouldn’t forget to take it… its easy… I think women should go for the coil for contraception and it also helps those who have had bad period pains or heavy bleeding. I recommend it to women.”


“I would recommend the implant as it would help if your periods are really bad because it takes bleeding away after a few months.”


“With longer lasting you don’t have to remember to take it… I found out about longer-lasting contraception from a magazine. Family planning clinic staff gave me more information and spent time discussing my options. I chose an IUD because it would last 5 years and is hormone free. The fitting went well overall but was a bit more painful than had been suggested. The after-effects were as had been discussed at the consultation with everything gradually returning to normal within a few months. I don’t have to think about taking a pill every day or worry that I’m going to have to take sick leave because of a migraine which was the main problem with the pill, so I would recommend this method to other woman and actually have done already.”


“To be safe is a huge thing… After having my second child I was adamant on choosing a reliable form of contraception that did not necessarily rely on me remembering to take pills etc. I had been given information about all forms of contraception from my health visitor when my children were born. I have two small children under three and I don’t want to have any more in the foreseeable future. It was that, that made my decision to go for the implant as it lasts for three years without any further intervention, but if I do change my mind and want more children it is fully reversible. The GP was helpful answering any questions and was very good at reassuring me about side effects. He referred me straight away and I am currently waiting for the appointment which will take a couple of weeks. As I have not yet had the implant I cannot say how it feels but I expect it to make life easier especially with my relationship with my husband.”


“I have had the implant for a total of 8 years now and have had no problems and would definitely use it again.”


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