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Safer oral sex

Using a condom for oral sex greatly cuts down the risk of sexually transmitted infections, which can be passed in either direction during unprotected oral sex.

For safer oral sex on a man, put a condom on the man before you get started. Don't like the taste of condoms? Try using flavoured ones.

For safer oral sex on a woman you can use a latex square called a dental dam. You can get these from some chemists, online, from some sexual health projects or you could try at your local Sexual Health Service. They come in a range of flavours too. Alternatively, use a cut up condom. (Female condoms are better for this as they're a bit bigger.)

You should also use a cut up condom or a dam if you want to lick or kiss the anus.

For more information call  0800 22 44 88 or use our sexual health service finder to look for help in your area.